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6 week
1:1 accelerator

Priestess of Love / Purpose

Your 6 week intensive 1:1 mentoring to accelerate your love life or purpose.


Let's get straight to it, my love:

In my 6 week 1:1 mentoring containers  support women like you, who need short-term support to transform a specific area of your life.


You are done with your shitty, unfulfilled lovelife and want to be dating + loving successfully from the feminine, attracting a high quality masculine partner or calling your current partner into his highest expression and healing scars of the past. I work with women who are done being in their masculine in relationships and want to truly change the way they relate to create the sacred union of their dreams.



You are a medicine woman, healer, coach or creatrix that is yearning to finally follow her purpose or accelerate her already existing business. I work with new entrepreneurs who are up to 3 years in business and crave to work like women, magnetise soulclients with ease, feel confident + assert badass boundaries in business and evolve their impact to 5k + more.

Priestess of Love

I am a succesful woman who feels good in most areas of her life, except dating + relationship. I crave to call in a conscious partner or deepen my current relationship. I yearn for more polarity, having a man to lead me and show up for me. I know that there are patterns that ask for healing.

You are here

  • Your yearn to finally find love + create a healthy relationship

  • You struggle with attracting a man who is in his masculine and willing to committ

  • You know you have a pattern of attracting the 'wrong' people who are not truly showing up for you and are ready to change this

  • You lack confidence, don't really know how to communicate, set boundaries + share your needs


  • You are in a partnership with a person you love, yet your relationship just not truly fulfilling you

  • You feel frustrated that he is not showing up in his masculine and don't know what to do to change this

  • You want to create more intimacy, connection and love, but truly don't know how

I guide you there

  • Being deeply rooted in your feminine energy while navigating dating + feeling confident af

  • Being able to call in high quality masculine men who are ready to show up for you

  • Healing your inner girl wounds that have kept you attracting the wrong ones + having amazing tools to use when you get tempted to step back into the old


  • Understanding where your relationship is challenged so you can turn the ship around

  • Start leaning back into your feminine, so he can actually show up

  • Healing emasculation patterns and relationship traumas


  • Understanding how polarity works so you can ignite more passion, chemistry + romance

  • Feeling confident setting boundaries, expressing your desires and communicating from your feminine core

Priestess of Purpose

I am a gifted medicine woman, healer, coach or creatrix who is at the glipse of stepping into my purpose / stepped into my purpose a year ago. I want to bring more confidence, ease + pleasure into my work while magnetizing soulclients with ease and up my income to 5k + more.

You are here

  • You are on fire for your purpose and know that your gifts are fucking life-changing

  • You struggle with attracting your true soulclients and generating more than 3k income

  • You desire to bring more ease, flow + pleasure into your work

  • You are often held back by self-doubt, your hang to people-please (hello lack of boundaries with clients) and thinking you need to be perfect to succeed

  • You want to have a business in tune with your feminine cycle + personal rhythms

  • You don't need another business coach but to have the support to find your very unique way

I guide you there

  • Feeling confident in how you show up in your business, what you do + how you do it

  • Working completely in tune with your feminine nature, leaving lots of free space, ease + effortlessness

  • Calling in fuck yes clients that are actually ready to pay you (the higher prices)

  • Feeling safe being seen, sharing your raw truth + magic in the world

  • Setting boundaries like a badass, raising your prices + standards

3 x 90min deep dive session

Mentoring, somatic healing, subconscious healing/reprogramming, relationship teachings + more

6 weeks of daily support

Have me by your side every day via Telegram (voice + text msg) whilst you navigate your romantic adventures.

feminine awakening bundle

To support your journey, you get access to my three foundational feminine energy courses.

Full Body YES to this? Work with me

How does it work?

You can book comfortably via the link below. Select your preferred date and request to book. I will then confirm your slot and you will be able to choose your payment modality and finalize your booking. You will receive an email with all further information that you need. If you desire further information or want to talk to me to find out if this is for you, please send me an email or message on Instagram.

What's my investment

Your investment is CHF 2'222 paid in full, or 3 monthly payments x CHF 742 [longer payment plans are available upon request, feel free to request.].

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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