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The mentoring program for the woman who desires slow, steady, sustainable & feminine growth, unfolding into her deepest desires while honoring her body, heart, nervous system and feminine nature

12 months of sustainable & feminine growth


deepen into connection with yourself, release fears + roadblocks and fully embrace your femininity, truth, power + purpose

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Unfold is for the woman who wants to

land in a space of radical self-acceptance and inner worthiness in all of who she is

become truly self-sourced and create unshakeable inner safety


live fully embodied in her auhentic + unique feminine essence in every part of her life go for her big desires

embrace her authentic + unapologetic truth on a deeper level


unfold into her highest purpose, power + light – without pressure, self-neglect and with tons of self-compassion, love and truly embodying the feminine principles of ease, trust and surrender

You are done

doing the work but feeling like you still never fully arrive within + honor yourself , feeling disconnected


still feeling like you are not good enough

struggling with truly and authentically integrating your feminine essence into every aspect of your life


being afraid of your truth, real desires and authentic expression

saying that “you’re fine” with where you’re at but deep inside craving more

stressing through your journey, not enjoying, and honoring each day and putting pressure on yourself to “perform” to become and move forward

wanting to live your life a certain way but then always ending up not doing it

Topics we can cover

Relationship to self; Authentic feminine embodiment; Fears, blockages, limitations; Love, dating + relationship; Sexuality; Purpose


Classical Coaching, Embodiment, Tao-Tantric practices, ThetaHealing®, EFT + many self-development tools


12 months of high level mentorship, intimate support + guidance with a mentor that cares deeply for you and your unique journey

monthly 75-90min deep dive 1:1 mentoring sessions (12)

daily support, coaching + space holding via Telegram

my eyes on all your purpose/soulbusiness purpose or any other project you are working on

1 VIP Day experience (full day of coaching)

2 Half-day mentoring sessions (3 hours)

Investment: CHF 8'800

Image by Seif Eddin Khayat

Autumn Equinox Opening September 2022: 3 out of 5 spots are available

Spring Equinox Opening March 2023: 5 out of 5 spots are available

How does it work?

If you feel that this space could be what you are looking for, send me a message and we can see if this space is a fit. You can also directly apply via the link below. I will get back to you within 48 hours and we'll decide together if we are a match for working together. You will then receive a contract with all information and we'll decide on your monthly session slot as well as the payment modality.

Sign ups for the following enrolment period (in Autumn for Spring) receive a big fat bonus of CHF 1'500 as well as the possibility for an extended payment plan. If you are unsure but want to stay in the loop and get amazing bonuses when the next enrolment opens? Get on the waitlist.

What's my investment?

Your investment is CHF 8'800.- for this 12 Month Mentoring Program. I have different payment options available. In any case, a first downpayment of CHF 1'500 is being asked.

Not sure this time around? Get on the waitlist for extra bonuses when we open the next time

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